24th March 2020 – 26th March 2020 all-day Europe/Amsterdam Timezone


Three key Science and Welfare groups with over 150 years of knowledge and experience to promote education and elevate standards for laboratory animal care are joining forces to organise a Conference which will be the largest of its kind held in the UK.

This joint meeting is an opportunity to celebrate what we have achieved so far but more importantly to identify where we need to go from here, because as long as animals are used in research it is our responsibility to strive towards better welfare and science.

Registration is open now for the largest UK Animal Science and Technology meeting in 2020.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend a full and varied scientific programme with keynote speakers and visit the largest Animal Science and Technology Trade Exhibition in the UK. Posters will also be on display and workshop sessions will take place through the event.

AST2020 will be held in Edinburgh and we will be utilising local hotels for the accommodation, all of which are close to the conference venue.

Attendance at AST2020 can be recorded as part of your annual CPD, as can attendance at Workshops, held during the event.

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