31st January 2022 @ 11:30 – 14:30 Europe/Amsterdam Timezone

This course consists of three 3-hour webinar sessions (including discussion activities utilising the group chat function, polls, individual activities and breaks).

Session one will cover:

• Understanding, identifying, minimising variation and its impact.

• How the scientific question and experimental design influence the choice of statistical analysis method.

• What summary statistics are available and when to use them.

• Why and how to transform your data, plus strategies for dealing with outliers.

• The structure of a significance test using a two-sample t-test as an example.

Session two will cover:

• What measures of precision should be used and when, including SD Vs SEM plus confidence interval.

• Non-parametric statistical tests and other simple tests to compare more complex data sets.

• Basics of ANOVA and why it should often be used instead of multiple t-tests.

Session three will cover:

• What experimental designs and data features require an extension to statistical analysis methods such as ANOVA and how to incorporate them.

• ANOVA for randomised block designs and factorial treatment structures

• Analysis of Covariance, ANCOVA Vs Change from Baseline.

• Assumptions of ANOVA and ANCOVA

PLEASE NOTE: To join the course sessions you will need a Mac, PC or mobile device that you can use to access the session by downloading the GoToWebinars mobile or desktop app, or using your web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). You will also need an internet connection of 1Mbps or better (broadband recommended), or a mobile device with 3G reception or better (wifi recommended). – Your registration details will be used to send session reminders, pre-course information and provide post-session access to the recordings, handouts and other course related material.

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