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9th Annual International Zebrafish Husbandry Course

With great pleasure and emotions we would like to announce the dates for the next coming 9th Annual International Zebrafish Husbandry Course, which will be held in Italy from the 27th September to the 30th September 2022. After two years of stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are extremely excited and enthusiast to host […]


FGB: What Should You Know About Your Rodent Facility?

This two-day on-line course is designed to provide the key aspects for the management of a modern laboratory rodent facility, with a particular focus on IVC systems. Layout & functional areas, bio-containment & bio-exclusion, washing & decontamination, health monitoring concepts will be described with particular attention to new technological developments, scientific needs of research and […]


2nd Preclinical Models Imaging Workshop

This workshop aims to present theoretical and practical aspects of preclinical models’ imaging. The workshop provides a general overview of licensing and operating an imaging facility for rodent models, as well as specific details for selecting and applying imaging modalities for various models. The practical part offers training in mouse handling for imaging projects and […]


EU-PRIM Lab Animal Science Course on Primates

Deutsches Primatenzeum GmbH Gottingen

The course was developed by the European Primate Network (EUPRIM-Net) and is organised by the German Primate Center (DPZ) in Göttingen, Germany. It includes a four week e-learning period from 19th October until 16th November 2022 and an on-site course at the DPZ from 21th -25th November 2022. Please note that although we do plan […]


Oral Certification Examination

The oral examinations will be held during the week of 14th November 2022, after the results of the written examinations are known.

FGB: Introduction to Microbiological Monitoring in Rodent Facilities

The course is designed to provide the participants with key concepts of the microbiological monitoring of laboratory rodents and their environment. The program includes an overview on traditional and emerging pathogenic agents, the description of different screening techniques for animals and biologicals. In addition, the necessary assessments in relation to the factors that influence the […]


AFSTAL 50th Anniversary: Research Animal Genetics: Security and Environment

L'AFSTAL et le Conseil d'Administration ont le plaisir de vous convier à l'anniversaire des 50 ans de l'association qui se tiendra au Corum de Montpellier du 28 au 29 novembre 2022. Nous vous attendons nombreux pour partager ce moment d'échanges et de célébration! Comme tous les ans, les Sciences de l’Animal de Laboratoire nous réunissent […]

Ellegaard Academy

Open House Ellegaard Academy invite you to an Open House on 14 December from 9 to 15 at our breeding and research site in Dalmose, Denmark. The theme is Get to know Göttingen Minipigs You will be introduced to Ellegaard Academy and upcoming hands-on workshops and topics like health monitoring and the veterinarian's toolbox. You will […]

€200 – €250

Abstract Submission Deadline for Annual Scientific Meeting

Remember to submit your abstract for posters and presentations before the deadline date.  The sessions are: Health, diseases, diagnostics and pathology Refinements in sample collection OneHealth from the laboratory animal science and medicine perspective The role of laboratory animal veterinarians

ECLAM Annual General Meeting

The annual meeting of ECLAM will, beginning in 2023, be held online each year on the fourth Thursday in January. Diplomates will be required to register in advance or notify the Secretariat if they are unable to attend. Attendance at the AGM is a responsibility of all Diplomates and is required. Residents are welcome to […]

FGB: Managing a Gnotobiotic Rodent Facility

The course is focused on the key aspects of the microbiota of laboratory rodents. The speakers will provide very practical information on how to approach, manage and monitor a gnotobiotic facility. The course participants should be able to: Understand the importance of gnotobiology in biomedical research Understand and describe the interactions of the microbiota with […]