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Minimizing Dosing Stress During the Pre- and Post-Operative Period

Stress-free oral dosing methods such as voluntary oral consumption and rewarding after traditional dosing methods are effective strategies to decrease stress in recovering animals. Stress-free dosing methods, as well as the rationale for including these refinements in rodent surgical procedures, will be discussed during this session presented by Dr. Karen Froberg-Fejko. Registration deadline is midnight […]


“We have to talk about rodent surgery”

Marseille Chanot Palais des Expositions Rond Point du Prado, Marseille

Surgery is an integral part of many experimental studies in rodents. Optimal care, state-of-the-art protocols and minimal invasive and aseptic surgical technique are prerequisites to achieve surgical success and best possible animal welfare outcomes. We all agree that good surgical practice cannot only improve the animal’s post-operative recovery, but also the outcome of a study […]

€70 – €100

ECLAM Annual General Meeting

Marseille Chanot Palais des Expositions Rond Point du Prado, Marseille

Annual General Meeting The AGM will be held in conjunction with the FELASA meeting in Marseille. Those unable to attend in person must register in advance to attend via Zoom, so that your votes and participation can be tracked. Contact the Secretariat for a registration link.

Mock Examination

ECLAM Mock Exam As part of the International Mock Exam Coalition, ECLAM offers a mock examination each year tailored to the unique format of the European exams. Read more and register