Marseille, France

Sunday, 12 June 2022



Full Programme

Surgery is an integral part of many experimental studies. Planning must incorporate training, aseptic technique, anaesthesia and analgesia, and peri-operative care. Expert surgical practices result in measurably better outcomes and improved experimental validity.

Rodent surgery is challenging and expensive. The animals are very small and require appropriate instruments and equipment. There are many choices to make when selecting anaesthetics and analgesics in a variety of situations. Post-operative care is crucial to the animal’s health and welfare. And personnel require constant training and improvement to ensure the best possible results.

This one-day symposium will offer practical guidance from international experts on solutions for state-of-the-art rodent surgery. Attendance will be limited to facilitate productive discussion with the presenters. Optionally, join us for dinner in the evening to continue the opportunity to discuss new ideas with your colleagues!

Programme Speakers

Lucy Whitfield, MA VetMB DLAS PGCert(VetEd) FHEA MRCVS (OWL Vets Ltd, UK): A practical approach to the 3Rs in surgery

René Remie, BSc MSc PharmD PhD (René Remie Surgical Skill Center, The Netherlands): How to become properly trained for rodent surgery

Amy Martunas, CVT RLATG SRA SRT(Instech Laboratories, Inc, USA): Surgical Processes and Communication

Delphine Brouard, DMV Dip. Vet. LAS (Vetsalius, France): Aseptic surgical technique: We can do better!

F. Claire Hankenson, DVM MS DACLAM (University of Pennsylvania, USA): Critical Care from surgical prep to recovery

James Marx, DVM PhD DACLAM (University of Pennsylvania, USA): Anaesthesia and monitoring: key to success

Kévin Dhondt, Dr Vét PhD (Charles River RMS France): Practical approach to surgical analgesia




ECLAM is grateful to our co-sponsors for financial and logistical support, as well as to the speakers for so generously sharing their expertise.

Registration Deadline
1st May 2022

A maximum of 80 delegates will be accepted. 

Registration fee is €70 for the symposium and €30 for the optional dinner.

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