ECLAM created its first 5-year strategic plan in May 2014. Our main goal was to increase the number of new Diplomates in the College. To achieve this, we outlined the four objectives below, and each year we updated our progress and added new annual targets.

Our College is growing– and we are set to continue that pattern of growth over the next decade. In 2019 our membership exceeded 100. In 2020 we will create a new strategic plan to guide us through the times ahead.

We are always looking for veterinarians who want to join our speciality, so if you think you might be interested– contact us!








Strategic Plan 2020

Our strategic plan covers 2015-2019. The next one will be developed early in 2020. 


Modernise training

We have updated our training modules and reading list, endorsed pan-European training programmes, and amended our publication requirements.


Improve Examination Access

Along with our sister organisation ESLAV, we now offer both Summer and Winter Schools annually.  Bursaries are available to help residents defray the cost of attending, and to purchase books for study.


Enhance Resources

We request donations from partners to help support our educational goals. 


Improve Communication

We’re there: our new website!