Boson Hotel, 18147 Lidingo, Stockholm Sweden - Boson Hotel, 18147 Lidingo, Stockholm Sweden -

Collaboration, Personal Power and Trust: Imperatives of Effective Leadership

Boson Hotel, 18147 Lidingo, Stockholm Sweden Boson, Lidingo, Stockholm

Registration Deadline is 16 January
Effective leadership, an underestimated skill in veterinarians, is known to bring out the best abilities in an individual and in a team to motivate them to work together in achieving a shared goal. In this interactive workshop and networking event, we will cover areas of professional behaviors to improve leadership skills for veterinarians. This workshop is designed to focus on interpersonal relational leadership skills such as collaboration, use of personal power and trust that are essential for the whole veterinary team and not just the leadership. When everyone shares these skills it stimulates a culture of empowerment, teamwork, and trust.
Prof. David Schoorman (psychology and management), is an internationally recognized expert in human resources, who has worked with veterinarians for over 30 years to improve their leadership and management skills. He was the founder of the highly successful Veterinary Practice Management Program at Purdue University that has drawn veterinarians and their staff from around the world. He has published extensively on Leadership and Trust and his work is very highly cited by scholars in this field. He received the “Distinguish Educator” Award from the Academy of Management in 2007 and his paper on Trust was recognized as the “Most Influential article” in the decade of the 90’s by the Academy of Management Review.

€450 – €650