Examination Process

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Examination Process
Resident Credentials Register for Exams Written exams Oral exams Exam Pass If you fail an exam


There are two routes to the ECLAM certification examinations: you are either a resident, or you qualify as an internationally-recognised expert in lab animal medicine. Residents are in training for 3-6 years.


You must apply for credentials to sit the exams within 2 years of completing your training. The forms are on our website, and we have a YouTube series on how to complete the forms.

Register for Exams

Credentialed residents (as well as accepted Internationally-recognised experts) must register for the examinations by the end of April prior to that year's exams. You must register even if you previously passed one section of the exams. You will receive an invoice for the correct amount once your registration has been received.

Written exams

The written exams are given in the autumn using an online platform. There are three sections: a multiple-choice exam, a short-essay exam and a long-essay exam. Each section takes up to 4 hours to complete. You must pass all sections in order to proceed to the oral exam.

Oral exams

The oral exam is given about two months after the written examination. It consists of four sections: small animals (i.e., rodents or fish), large animals, facilities, and an interview discussion about current topics in lab animal medicine. You must pass 3 of the 4 sections and you must achieve a passing score over all four sections together.

Exam Pass

Once you have passed both the written and oral examinations, you become a Diplomate of ECLAM. You will have to re-certify every 5 years and continue to support the College in its mission.

If you fail an exam

If you are not successful at an examination, you may re-register to sit it again three more times. The fee is reduced by half for re-sits. You must pass first the written exam, and then the oral exam, in order to become a Diplomate.