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Description Link to form
Information for residents in a standard training programme (any time) Standard programme information form
Apply for an alternate-route residency (any time) Alternate-route residency application
Co-supervisor evaluation form (required if they are not ECLAM or other EBVS Diplomates) Download co-supervisor evaluation form
Educational bursary  Read more and apply online
Bursary reimbursement request Reimbursement form
Update the College about you and your residency (accepted any time, and also as part of your annual update) Resident update
Apply for credentials evaluation to sit the certification examinations (due by 1 November each year for the exams the following September). Download the credentials application
Register to sit the examinations (due by 30th April for September exams) Download examination registration form
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IACLAM and Internationally-Recognised Experts

Description Link

Temporarily suspended:

Internationally-recognised applicants (due by 1 November in order to sit the following year’s exams)

ACLAM, JCLAM, ICLAM, KCLAM Diplomates Read more and apply
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Description Link to form
Re-certification form Re-certification workbook
Letter of support for a colleague’s re-certification Online form for support letter
Expense reimbursement form Reimbursement form
Standard training programme directors: New application
Council member confidentiality agreement Confidentiality agreement
Committee member confidentiality agreement Confidentiality agreement
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Description Link to form
Suggested study references Study references
ECLAM Constitution and Bye-laws (2022) Constitution and Bye-laws