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Global Harmonisation of Speciality Training

Review of standards of training across the five member colleges of IACLAM.


Role and training of lab animal vets

Published paper on the role, responsibility and training of laboratory animal veterinarians.


Veterinary care for laboratory animals

Guidelines for vets; also information of interest to employers and the general public.


Lab Animal Transportation

Safe, rapid and reliable transport of animals is crucial to their welfare.


Carbon Dioxide

In response to the suggestion that carbon dioxide might be banned as a euthanasia agent for animals, ECLAM, ESLAV and FELASA produced a position paper on its use in rodents.


Day One Competence

ECLAM’s response to a publication regarding the assertion that day-1 veterinary graduates are competent to be Designated Veterinarians in Europe.


Quality Assurance

The mission of the College is to contribute significantly to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of European Veterinary Specialists in Laboratory Animal Medicine across all European countries at the highest possible level.