Internationally-recognised expert requirements
10 years' experience Veterinary licence Competency and Contributions Current post Advanced training At least 5 publications Letters of recommendation Moral and ethical standing in the profession Willing to contribute to ECLAM

10 years' experience

You must have at least 10 years' experience in laboratory animal medicine.

Veterinary licence

You must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in at least one Member State (although you may be exempted in some circumstances)

Competency and Contributions

You must have demonstrated competence and contributed significantly to the speciality through teaching, research and practice.

Current post

You must work at least 60% time (based on a 40-hour working week) as a facility vet or scientist.

Advanced training

You must have documented advanced training in laboratory animal medicine.

At least 5 publications

You must have published a minimum of 5 publications in the peer-reviewed international literature. You must be the primary or first author of at least one of these, and it must be an original article demonstrating the application of scientific methods on topics relevant to laboratory animal medicine and science. The other 4 must EITHER apply scientific methods in veterinary medicine, biology, zoology or another biological science field; OR be a review, case report, book chapter, working group report or internal company report in the field of laboratory animal science or medicine.

Letters of recommendation

Submit two letters of recommendation from current ECLAM Diplomates in support of your application.

Moral and ethical standing in the profession

You must have a high level of moral and ethical standing in the veterinary profession.

Willing to contribute to ECLAM

You must be ready and willing to contribute to the continuing work of ECLAM in promoting and improving the speciality