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The European Animal Research Association (EARA), of which ECLAM is a member, is trying to formulate briefing materials for national governments and the EU Commission, to ensure that essential research and international collaboration can continue during the current pandemic.

EARA is requesting that ECLAM forward responses from our members on the following 5 areas in which problems may be inhibiting research. They require detailed responses with anecdotal evidence. If your information must be kept anonymous due to commercial sensitivity, ECLAM (and EARA) will anonymise the information before relaying it to relevant authorities. 

You do not need to respond to all 5 questions if they are not important for you. Please email your responses to, and we will assemble them into a single document to be sent to EARA’s executive director, Kirk Leech.

  1. Problems transporting (both sending and receiving) research animals.
  2. Problems receiving essential materials such as feed, caging and supplies, to keep your facilities open and operational.
  3. Problems maintaining sufficient numbers of key workers in place, including animal care staff, researchers, vets and any others.
  4. Animal welfare concerns arising linked to any of the above points.
  5. Areas of research that will not be able to continue without urgent financial assistance.

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