Fees Page

All our fees are listed on this page.
If you cannot find what you’re looking for, contact the  Secretariat.

ECLAM will never email you asking for payments. All fees are requested via invoice.
Beware that phishing attempts have been made by sending email that appears to come from ECLAM;
the most recent attempt claimed that the President needed €2400 for ‘ECLAM logistics’ (a term we never use).

Contact Secretariat


Annual membership

  • Active Diplomates: €270/yr
  • Non-certified Diplomates: €80/yr
  • Retired Diplomates: €0

Re-certification (5-yearly)

  • Active Diplomates: €60
  • Non-certified Diplomates reverting to Active status: €140

IACLAM Diplomates

  • Apply to become an ECLAM Diplomate: €500
  • Annual membership fee is the same as for Active Diplomates


Application for residency

There is no fee to apply for residency in ECLAM.

Annual fee

Annual fee during entire period of residency (until exams are taken): €50/yr

Credentials Committee review to sit the examinations

One-time fee for credentials evaluation (residents, internationally-recognised experts): €160

Examination Registration

  • Full examination (written and oral/practical): one-time fee for first examination attempt: €540
  • Re-sit of written and/or oral/practical: €270 for each attempt

Standard Training Programmes

  • Initial evaluation of a standard programme: €600
  • Payable upon approval of programme: €1650
  • Annual fee: €300/yr
  • 5-year re-approval: €0


Administrative expenses in handling an appeal against a College decision: €2000