Strategic Plan 2021-2025

1: The College

Make participation in the College easier by simplifying ECLAM’s processes

  • Strengthen the administrative role in day-to-day management
  • Simplify the Constitution and Bylaws to increase agility and flexibility

2: Residents

Create a network of residency training and research opportunities

  • Establish satellite skills training sites
  • Create a network to help residents conduct research
  • Integrate educational offerings into the ECLAM training framework
  • Develop new educational offerings

3: Supervisors

Increase the number of supervisors and strengthen the support

  • Support the development of supervisors
  • Make it more attractive to become a supervisor

4: Lab Animal Veterinary Community

Promote the value of the ECLAM Diploma

  • Increase the visibility of the College
  • Increase attractiveness of ECLAM in countries with national speciality titles
  • Integrate veterinarians from under-represented countries into ECLAM