5-Year Recertification

All Diplomates are expected to be active in laboratory animal medicine and maintain their certification by continuing education, research, teaching, and ECLAM participation.

ECLAM accepts only those who practise scientific, evidence-based veterinary medicine, which complies with animal welfare legislation.

Recertification Flowchart in 4 Steps

Recertification Flowchart in 4 Steps
Diplomate Step 1: Download the form Step 2: Complete the form Step 3: Send to two colleagues for references References Step 4: Send to Secretariat Credentials Committee


Diplomates who are due to be re-certified will be notified early in the year, usually with their membership invoice.

Step 1: Download the form

Download the re-certification workbook from our Forms page.

Step 2: Complete the form

Complete the recertification form, covering the 5 years prior to the year of recertification. Evidence of ESLAV membership (i.e. a paid receipt) must also be provided. When complete, send the form and ESLAV receipt to two colleagues, and to the Secretariat.

Step 3: Send to two colleagues for references

Send the completed recertification form to two colleagues who agree to support your recertification. They may not be relatives or partners. At least one should be an ECLAM Diplomate from the same country; if this is not possible, specialists in other disciplines or a senior colleague (i.e. Head of Department) may act as referees. Only one colleague at the same institute may provide a reference.


Your two colleagues either write a letter, or submit the form on our website, supporting your recertification. Instructions for contents of the letter are in the recertification workbook, on the 'Letters of Reference' tab. The letter should be sent to the Secretariat; the form will automatically be submitted.

Step 4: Send to Secretariat

Send the recertification workbook, the letters of reference (if your colleagues do not submit the online form), and the evidence of ESLAV membership to the Secretariat by 31 March. The Secretariat will coordinate with the Chair of the Credentials Committee on your evaluation, and advise you of the results.

Credentials Committee

The materials will be reviewed by the Credentials Committee. If there are any questions they will be relayed to you via the Secretariat. Once your recertification has been approved, the Secretariat will notify you, and update your records on the EBVS website.

Types of re-certification activity

  • Attendance at congresses or meetings
  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • Involvement in ECLAM and related activities


All Diplomates must re-certify every 5 years using a system which EBVS has approved. This process ensures that members of ECLAM are fulfilling their obligation to remain in the forefront of the speciality.

You are required to attend the ECLAM Annual General Meeting at least twice in every 5 years, unless you have received dispensation from the College in advance. The Secretariat can advise you of your attendance history. Proof of attendance can be either (a) your signature on the attendance roll at the meeting or (b) an electronic record that you were present for the web-cast of the meeting.

You will be notified in January of the year in which you must be re-certified; your annual membership invoice will include the fee for re-certification. Download the form (an Excel or Google workbook) from our Forms page. Credit points are awarded for various areas of activity as a Diplomate (shown at left). You must have earned at least 100 credit points over the 5-year period, with at least 15 points in three of the four areas. 

You must ask two colleagues to support your re-certification. To do this, they can send a letter, or complete the form on our website, which will automatically be sent to the Secretariat.

If you have extenuating personal circumstances (such as parental leave, serious health issues or other problems) precluding your from completing this requirement, contact the Secretariat at your earliest opportunity to request consideration under the College’s policies and procedures.

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