Support of a Re-certifying Diplomate

Submit this form if you have been asked to provide a professional reference for another Diplomate in order to be re-certified.

Diplomates must be re-certified every 5 years. This process ensures that all members of the College are fulfilling their responsibilities to the College and to laboratory animal medicine.

Your role in supporting your colleague for re-certification is to provide information from your perspective. You must know the Diplomate either personally or by reputation. Support from relatives or partners (either business or social) is not accepted. ECLAM will accept references from ECLAM Diplomates, specialists or senior colleagues such as department heads, deans or senior officials at the same place of employment. Only one academic colleague at the same institute may provide a reference.

You must have been familiar with the Diplomate’s professional activities for the 5-year period of re-certification, and verify that you have read the re-certification workbook prior to completing the form below.

Certify that your colleague has been active in practicing, teaching or conducting research in laboratory animal medicine for the previous 5 years.

Thank you for supporting your colleague as part of the 5-year recertification process.