Preparing Your Credentials Application

As you go through your training, it’s a good idea to build your credentials portfolio in the format of the application for eligibility to sit the examinations (aka the credentials application). Once you’ve completed the requirements, you’ll find it much easier to prepare the final application. You must submit your application within 2 years of completing your residency, and you must pass all parts of the examination within 8 years of completing your residency. If extenuating personal circumstances prevent you from meeting these requirements, contact the Secretariat immediately to request an extension following ECLAM’s policies and procedures.

Watch our YouTube series on the application forms.

Credentials applications are accepted any time. Those submitted by 1 November each year are reviewed in time to sit the examinations the following year.

Documents To Save


You will need to keep documents to show that you have gained experience with a variety of lab animal species. You also need to show that you were active in lab animal medicine for at least 60% of a full-time appointment.

Your supervisor(s) will need to sign these documents.

Formal Training

At least 200 hours of formal, didactic training must be documented. It is highly recommended that you obtain a written certificate of completion for all training events. These will be appended to the form detailing the event and the credit hours earned.

If the training event included an assessment, you will provide records that you passed the assessment.

The event organiser will need to sign documents supporting your training if a written certificate or formal assessment is not available.

Updated c.v.

ECLAM has specified a format for your curriculum vitae, to ensure all information is available to the reviewers of your application.

Your c.v. is particularly important if you had experience prior to entering residency, whether in practice, research or other lab animal facilities.