“Practice exams serve to help demystify the testing process, enable trainees to better identify their weak areas, and generate long-term retention through repeated retrieval practice.”- Newkirk et al 2020


  • Improve your multiple-choice question skills
  • Learn about how the essay questions work
  • Gauge the difficulty level of the questions
  • Stop procrastinating on your exam preparations

ECLAM Mock Examinations on 25 June 2022


Taking practice exams is a great way to prepare.  The theory of ‘deliberate practice’ shows that repeating a task and getting feedback improves performance.  ECLAM mock exams are given every year to any veterinarian wishing to prepare for the ECLAM Diploma. The exams are administered online, followed by an online seminar hosted by ECLAM Diplomates who answer your questions and discuss strategies for improving your exam skills. Registration is free for current ECLAM residents, and only €50 for non-residents to cover the cost of the online exam platform account.

ECLAM uses ExamSoft as its online examination platform for both mock and certification examinations. Once your account is set up for you, you will install the Examplify app on your own laptop. You then receive a link to download the examination files prior to exam day. Once you’ve been given the password, you take the exam on your laptop. After a brief review by ECLAM, you can log into your ExamSoft account and retrieve detailed feedback on areas of strength and weakness. This helps you to revise your study plans to ensure you are improving your knowledge of the ECLAM Learning Objectives in primary, secondary and tertiary species

ECLAM is a member of the International Mock Exam Coalition (IMEC)

IMEC is a coalition of laboratory animal veterinarians in the USA and Europe, assisting residents to prepare for certification examinations in ACLAM and ECLAM. This is one of many resources available from the Laboratory Animal Boards Study Group (LABSG).

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