Swiss and Southern Germany Residency Programme

The programme was initiated in 2006 by three Diplomates and is based at the University of Zürich.

The training programme requires three years and offers basic and advanced training, supported by a didactic programme and research opportunities. All training is supervised by ECLAM Diplomates. 

Our Programme

To join the programme you must hold a permanent position at one of the collaborating institutes. For open positions, check the ECLAM website.

Where we are

Collaborating Institutes:

  • University Hospital Zürich, Division of Surgical Research 
  • Hoffmann-LaRoche Ltd., Basel
  • AO Research Institute, Davos
  • German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg
  • University of Bern, Department of Biomedical Research

Our training

Programme Plan

In order to complete the programme a resident earns a total of 80 credit points over three years:

  • 36 points in clinical work under supervision
  • 20 points in speciality topics and research, attaining two research publications
  • 24 points in the didactic portion


Where We Are

The city of Zürich is at the heart of a flourishing metropolitan area. The close vicinity and excellent partnership between the University of Zürich, the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) and the University’s hospitals provide unique opportunities in interdisciplinary research.

Since 2016, three of our residents have successfully passed the ECLAM certification examinations, with three more currently eligible.

Recent Graduates


Working as a laboratory animal veterinarian in an inter-disciplinary research environment, as we find in Zürich, is exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding

Miriam Weisskopf, Dipl. ECLAM (2018)


Being a certified Specialist is rewarding and also extremely helpful when working in a research environment.

TD, Dipl. ECLAM (2017) 


In residency I was faced with new topics and new species, deepening my knowledge and skills in laboratory animal medicine.

-NC, Dipl. ECLAM (2017)