Written Examination

Beginning with the 2021 examinations, ECLAM will use an online method for delivering the mock and certification exams. EBVS has contracted with ExamSoft to enable all Colleges to use the ExamSoft system for examinations. The specific software that exam candidates will use is called Examplify. After receiving an invitation from ECLAM, the exam candidate creates an account on ExamSoft, installs Examplify on a laptop, and when the examination is ready, downloads the locked exam files.

On the day of the exam, the candidate is given the password to unlock the exam. Examplify will prevent the laptop from accessing the Internet until the candidate indicates they are finished (or when the allotted time expires), at which point Examplify uploads the completed exam and returns the laptop to its original state.

To see the March 2021 e-coffee giving more details of the process, see our YouTube video and associated ExamSoft playlist.